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Cancer New Moon July 2024

New Moon

On Friday 5th July we have a New Moon in the watery sign of Cancer, so get ready for all the feels! Water signs love feelings, they love to feel, they love to dig deep and they love to dive into all of the emotions.

The moon rules over Cancer and therefore absolutely loves being in this sign. Cancer, much like the moon holds feminine energy, it's nurturing, caring, intuitive and sensitive. Cancer is a home-body, who thrives off feeling emotionally safe and is extremely family-orientated. Cancer loves sharing and re-living fond memories with family and friends. So you may feel some of these energies as we sit within Cancer season and under this Cancer New Moon.

Cancers can, however feel easily threatened if they don't feel safe, so holding boundaries around what makes you feel safe and secure will be important under this energy. Where are you giving too much of yourself away? Where do you need to hold stronger boundaries to protect your sense of safety and security? What can you do in order to feel more emotionally secure?

This energy is also asking you to come back to yourself, to notice where you may have fallen out of alignment with who you truly are, with your values, beliefs and where your perhaps dimming your own light! This moon wants you to know how utterly amazing you are, how special you are and to really honour the way that only you can do things. There's magic in you, the way in which you do things and what you can offer to the world! Come back to yourself, to all that makes you YOU and to what allows your light to shine bright! Where are you dimming your light? Where are you hiding yourself? Where can you give yourself permission to shine your light bright for all to see and enjoy? There's a ripple effect when you start to honour your light, which often inspires others to do the same and the world absolutely needs this! So go out there and be YOU, because you are AMAZING!

Venus is very active under this new moon, meaning love, relationships and values are likely to be a theme. With Chiron also very active under this energy, the centaur known as the wounded healer, there will likely be lessons and perhaps even wounds surfacing around relationships and where perhaps stronger boundaries need to be held. Chiron has sat within the sign of Aries for a while now and so energy around healing the self and relationships with self are also very likely.

Ultimately, under this energy you're being asked to come back to yourself, to connect inwards, to give yourself the time and space to feel, to acknowledge all of your emotions, especially the more challenging ones and to come back to what allows you to shine bright! Pay attention to the relationships and values you hold within your life and indeed the relationship you hold with yourself. Set boundaries where needed, notice where you may be out of alignment and where your emotions are guiding you to make changes.

Ways to work with the Cancer New Moon...

  • Journal, here are some prompts:

    • What emotions am I holding?

    • Where do I feel stuck, challenged, depleted?

    • Where am I giving too much of myself away?

    • Where do I need stronger boundaries?

    • How can I make myself feel safe?

    • What makes me shine my light bright?

    • Where can I make more space for me?

  • Meditation - particularly around sitting with your emotions & coming back to you

  • Spend time alone

  • Trust your intuition

  • Commit to doing more of what lights you up!

Wishing you all a wonderful and magical Cancer New Moon!

Vicky xx

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