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Scorpio Full Moon - Where Will It Guide You?


On Wednesday 24th April we have a full moon in the watery sign of Scorpio. This full moon is all about transformation, so pay attention to where you're being guided and the emotions that are surfacing for you. It's often in these emotions that our deepest desires, changes and transformative action is created - knowing that you're just not willing to keep repeating old patterns anymore, or that you're truly ready to step into your power, or that life is so much more than what you're currently accepting! What are your body and your emotions telling you? What are the niggles you feel, the whispers you hear? Where are you ready to truly transform and change your life?

Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, so under this energy, anything that's no longer working for you is likely to be highlighted, Scorpio is deeply intuitive, so trust your intuition and where you're being guided. Scorpio being a water sign loves emotions and diving deep beneath the surface - where are you feeling frustrated, angry, stuck? What changes do you know need to be made? Where is fear keeping you stuck and stopping you making these changes?

You are an incredible human being, with so much potential, where are you keeping yourself small, where are you letting fear take over, where can you start truly believing in yourself? Where do you know there's so much more to life and your future, but are too afraid to go after the future you desire?

It's time! It's time to take control! It's time to step up! It's time to create the future you so deeply desire and utterly deserve! Where are your heart and soul calling you to go?

Be honest, dive deep, feel into what's surfacing and allow yourself to ride this beautiful and transformative energy! It's your life and it's up to you what you make of it...choose to shine!

Suggestions to work with this energy....

  • Journal - here are some prompts:

    • What old patterns am I repeating?

    • What changes do I know need to be made?

    • Where am I feeling frustrated, angry, stuck?

    • What fear am I holding that's stopping me from moving forwards?

    • What do I want my future to look like?

  • Get out in nature - barefoot where possible

  • Make time for stillness

  • Give yourself space to feel what's surfacing

  • Be kind & compassionate to yourself

  • Make a plan of action to move forwards (this doesn't have to be big, but it also can be)

The Scorpio full moon is here to stir things up, to get you diving deeply inwards, guiding you to release what's no longer working and supporting you to truly believe in just how amazing you are, because you are, we all are! Now go live your life the way you choose!!

Shine bright beautiful souls!

With much love, light & gratitude,

Vicky xx

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